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Payoff is Out!


Dan’s new book has hit the shelves!

The goal of Payoff is to try and get us to understand the complexity and range of human motivation, so that we can create environments in which individuals are both more motivated, and find more meaning and joy in their work.

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Comments Corner

So many of you have been coming up with more interactive ways to play the Irrational Game. We’ve consolidated your ideas and suggestions into a new version of game play:

In order to add a slightly more competitive element, one player reads the question to his or herself and writes down their guess. Then he or she reads the card aloud and everyone writes down their answers. As each player finishes, they turn their paper over and yell “done!”. The order in which the players finish guess must be noted. Next, the answer is revealed. If the person whose turn it was wrote down the correct answer, they keep the card. If they were wrong, and the person who wrote down their guess first was right, they get the card and so on.

We’re excited to hear what you think of this one!
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Comments Corner

We’ve been receiving great feedback from you guys and there is some that we’d like to share! Many of you have created your own new rules for the Irrational Game, but some have eliminated them all together.

Matt from Illinois brought the game along to his family’s cabin for Labor Day vacation and rather than playing it like a game, they created a debate. They took turns pulling out random cards and reading them aloud. Then each person had a chance to answer and defend their choice, which led to wonderfully irrational discussions. Together, they narrowed it down to the most probable choice before revealing the answer.

Playing this way allowed Matt and his family to give more thought to each individual experiment for hours of family fun. No keeping score, no winners or losers, just a great way to relax and chat.

Thanks for this great alternative game play tip!
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Hello Everyone,
We’d like to address some FAQs regarding who to give your card to if you answer incorrectly.

2 players: If I get the answer wrong and I have fewer cards than my opponent, the card is discarded. In other words, no one gets the card.

3+ players: If I get the answer wrong and 2 of my opponents have the same number of cards which happens to be the lowest, I can choose who will receive my card.

We hope this post was helpful. If you have any other questions or suggestions, shoot us an email at

Our crowdfunding campaigns may have ended, but the fun doesn’t have to!


Our Kickstarter campaign may be over, but it would be irrational to deprive you lovely people the chance to play!
Dan Ariely’s Irrational Game is now on Indiegogo’s In Demand store, meaning that you can purchase BASICALLY IRRATIONAL until the end of time, and EXTRA IRRATIONAL until we run out of inventory. Click here to order!

Amazing Debut for Irrational Game at the NY Toy Fair

Irrational Game was presented to retailers for the first time at the New York Toy Fair.
We received exceptional feedback from retailers and game makers alike.
The annual New York Toy Fair offers a preview of the hottest trends in the games and toys industry, and revealing up-and-coming games.

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